McAdams Family Record

Information about the family of Thomas C. McAdams (1806-1881) of Washington County, TN.

Iva Williams Sawyer typed this copy of the McAdams Family Record in 1968 from a copy she received from her brother Guy Williams in the late 1940s/early 1950s. Guy copied the record from material in possession of the family of R. N. McAdams of Rheatown, TN during a visit in the late 1940s/early 1950s. R.N. McAdams was a son of Thomas C. McAdams and Guy Williams' and Iva Sawyer's great-uncle. The 1968 typed copy is in possession of the author, Iva Sawyer's granddaughter.

Most of the information has been validated by other research over the past 40 years.  Nothing has been disproved, though assumptions about relationships, based on this record, have proven to be incorrect.  I consider it a reliable source.  

Transcriptions of the record will be posted on the blog.


  1. The record indicates the first page was copied in 1878 by Robert (R.N.) McAdams, presumably from a family bible, then added to by Robert McAdams and his family. There are, in fact, three entries at the bottom of the first page dated after 1878. 
  2. There is a conflict between the birth dates listed for John C(loyd) McAdams on the first and second pages.  I believe this is a transcription error, but do not know which birth date is correct.  
  3. It is unknown whether the asterisked notes were added to the record were made by Guy Williams, Iva Sawyer or the family of Robert McAdams. 
  4. It is unknown who made the first three notes on page 5.